Step by Step Guide on how to learn SQL

SQL is a standard language for storing, manipulating and retrieving data in databases.

Lets go step by step on how to learn SQL effectively-

1. Understand the fundamental

· What is Data, Database and RDBMS?

· What is SQL and purpose of using SQL?

· How Data is stored in RDBMS?

2. Learn SQL Commands

· DDL Commands

· DML Commands

· TCL Commands

· DCL Commands

· DQL Commands

Note- You can follow Youtube channel Gate Smashers to understand fundamentals and SQL command in detail

3. Practice Basic SQL Queries

Write SQL Queries:

-Using Operators-

· Comparision Operators

· Arithmetic Operators

· Logical Operators

· Union and Union All Operators

-Using Case Statement

-Using Clause

· Distinct

· Limit or Top

· Order by

4. Practice Intermediate SQL Queries

· Subqueries ( Scalary , Multirow, Correlated )

· Group by and Having Clause

· Aggregate Function ( MAX, MIN, SUM, AVG & COUNT)

· Use Aggregate Function with or without group by


· Using Inbuilt String Function to fetch part of text from data (SUBSTRING, INSTR etc.)

5. Practice Advanced SQL Queries

· SELF Join

· With Clause or CTE table

· Window Function

Resources to follow-

W3 School -For syntax -For SQL Course

StrataScratch -For Practice

Youtube tutorials -

Krish Naik

Alex the Analyst

Ankit Bansal

I hope you like this tutorial and will be helpful in your SQL journey. Till then Keep Learning and Keep Growing.



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